A Full Service Crown & Bridge Laboratory In Columbia, SC Offering The Latest In Dental Materials & Technologies

Dental laboratory technology is both a science and an art. We at Crossland Dental Lab take pride in our excellent craftsmanship and our reliable, friendly customer service. We are committed to providing our clients with high quality, consistent products, expert customer care, and value added services. Specializing in Crown and Bridge as well as Ceramics, we utilize the latest & most effective materials, bringing the values of traditional dental craftsmanship into modern techniques and technologies. We specialize in implant (anterior) cases, helping clinically chair side and staining the crowns orally to help them look their best cosmetically. We assist our dentists in providing maximal oral care and esthetically correct restorations. We offer personalized service, often meeting with our dentist for consultations and case placement. We are committed to continuing our quest for excellence and are dedicated to the highest standards in the dental profession. Our South Carolina State License #242 reflects over 40 years of experience, starting after our founder graduated from Greenville Tech in the 1980s! Crossland Dental Lab recognizes that all your patients are unique and we share your common goal of delivering superior care, through a full spectrum of specialized products and supported by the most advanced technology.


We manufacture and customize a wide variety of dental prosthetics to assist our dentists in providing maximal oral care and aesthetically correct restorations. We accept all digital impression system .stl files and are expertly qualified in assisting clinicians who utilize them. All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Exceptional products fabricated from the latest materials and technologies for exacting precision providing a comfortable fit, natural esthetics, and excellent function. Streamline your workflow and provide the best for every patient when you choose Crossland as your dental laboratory partner.

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